To achieve these objectives, LMAA employs a performance-based breed management program that requires prior approval by the Breeding Officer for all matings, ensuring that both dams and sires have demonstrated their hunting abilities through approved hunting tests, and that they meet health, temperament, and conformation standards.

LMAA is a membership organization open to anyone that shares our commitment and dedication to protecting the characteristics of the Large Munsterlander breed.  LMAA provides potential buyers of Large Munsterlanders with objective information, and invites owners to provide feedback and participate in the breed's management.  Please enjoy exploring our web site to learn more about the Large Munsterlander and LMAA, we stand ready to answer any questions you may have. 

The Large Munsterlander Association of America (LMAA) is the only official breed organization for the Large Munsterlander in the United States, and is responsible for maintaining the registry for Large Munsterlanders in the U.S.  The mission of LMAA is to maintain and enhance, through an organized breeding program, the recognized breed standards that have been developed and maintained since the early 1900’s in Europe and now in North America. These breed standards reflect the characteristics of the Large Munsterlander as a versatile hunting dog that is proficient at pointing, retrieving and tracking all manner of game on both land and water, and the physical attributes necessary to maximize these abilities.


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Hunting performance, health and conformation of our Large Munsterlanders is ensured through a variety of testing methods and breeding principles.


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