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Large Munsterlander Association of America

Before 1983 the registry of the Large Munsterlanders in North America was done through the Verband Groβe Münsterländer of Germany. From 1983 through 2011 LMCNA was the registry for dogs born in North America. As of 2012 the LMAA is the registry for the dogs born in the United States.

All pups are registered as outlined in the
LMAA Bylaws. Once a litter of puppies have been placed in hunting homes, a registration certificate and Pedigree are issued. This document identifies the Owner, is signed by the Breeder and the Breeding Officer. The data becomes part of the permanent records of LMAA. Owners of pups will receive the papers on their pups before six months of age.

The LMAA pedigree of the pup is it's birth certificate, issued by this breed club. Our records date back to the first dogs in North America. Errors can happen, if one does, do not hesitate to contact both your Breeder and Breeding Officer. Our breed is managed in such a way that it does not serve the dog, or owner when your certificate and pedigree are copied. You the owner, the testing organizations, and conformation organizations are assured of accuracy. When a question does arise please ask.

The following requirements for breeding must be met for pups to receive full registration: Both dogs must have qualified in a hunt test of natural hunting ability, be free of genetic defects including but not limited to hip dysplasia, true to the FCI standard, have normal temperament, and not be gun shy.

LMAA, as a breed club, provides breeders genetic information, inbreeding coefficients, any known health issues that may exist and helps breeders place pups in good hunting homes.

The breeders listed on this website have been approved by LMAA. All owners are encouraged to test their dogs in an approved testing venue. In doing so future and current hunters will have the same hunting partner you enjoy today.

LMAA provides a Certificate of Registration and a five generation annotated Pedigree to owners of pups.  Progeny Performance Awards (PPA) are provided annually to both the dam and sire for litters in which four or more pups have passed an approved natural ability test.