Litters Arrived or Expected

BREEZY POINT KENNEL (1991 - )Litter Expected Mid-May
Mike & Sheryl Melotik, 715-449-2036, e-mail
  Dam: Breezy Point's Zabell, NAVHDA NA 110 (I), HD-Free (good/excellent)

   Sire: Snowy Oaks Chuck, NAVHDA NA 108 (I), HD-Free (excellent)

FOUR STRONG WINDS KENNEL (2016 - )Litter Expected Late May
Bill Basham, Potlatch, ID, 208-582-1700, e-mail

  Dam: Four Strong Winds Breezy, NAVHDA NA 97 (II), HD-Free (good/excellent)

   Sire: Lar Cher's Baldemar Scout, NAVHDA NA 92 (II), HD-Free (good)

SQUARE ONE KENNEL (2017 - ) Litter Expected Mid-June
Greg & Stephanie McNeal, Fairfield, ME, 207-215-7849, e-mail
  Dam: Square One Alakazam, NAVHDA NA 91 (III), HD-Free (good/excellent)
   Sire: Gator vom Tannermoor, NAVHDA NA 112 (I), UT 197 (II), HD-Free (good/excellent)

WAPITI RIVER KENNEL (2005 - )  Litter Expected Mid-June
Wayne Becklin, Elk River, MN, 763-232-3934, e-mail
  Dam: Snowy Oaks Becka, NAVHDA NA 108 (I), HD-Free (good/excellent)
   Sire: Breezy Point's Striker, NAVHDA NA 108 (I), HD-Free (good)


WILLOW HILL KENNEL (2016 - )  Litter Expected Late June
Susan Bailo & Mark Williams, South Lyon, MI, 248-378-0478, e-mail
  Dam: Willow Hill's Britta, NAVHDA NA 112 (I), HD-Free (excellent)
   Sire: Daredevil Arbor, NAVHDA NA 107 (II), HD-Free (good)

Litters Planned for 2021

David Jones, Pilesgrove, NJ, 856-472-0762 , e-mail
  Dam: Copper Fox's Andromeda, NAVHDA NA 104 (I), HD-Free (excellent)

   Sire:  Snowy Oaks Axel, NAVHDA NA 99 (II), HD-Free (fair)

Etta Bernu, Dalbo, MN, 651-231-7389/651-426-6995, e-mail
  Dam: Herz und Seele's Opus, VHDF HAE 68 (vg), AHAE 166 (vg), HD-Free (fair)
   Sire: Snowy Oaks Yaeger, NAVHDA NA 112 (I), UT 182 (II), HD-Free (excellent)


Carl Brandt, Forest Lake, MN, 651-231-7389/651-426-6995, e-mail

  Dam: Rice Creek's Carly Girl, VHDF HAE 69 (vg), HD-Free (excellent)

   Sire: Herz und Seele's Habit, VHDF HAE 60 (vg), AHAE 156 (good), HD-Free (good/excellent)

Mark & Mary Devish, Sioux Falls, SD, 605-595-8981, e-mail
  Dam: Dakota Drift Arrow, NAVHDA NA 108 (II), HD-Free (good)

   Sire: TBD

The information above was last updated on April 26, 2021. 

Litter plans for 2021 continue to evolve, please check back for updates!

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