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Large Munsterlander Association of America

Large Munsterlanders Currently Available for Adoption

There are no Large Munsterlanders in need of new homes at this time.  If you are interested in adopting an LM in the future, or have an LM that you need help with placing in a new home, please contact our rescue coordinator Laureen Quarry at email, or call 717-926-7083.

As is unfortunately sometimes the case with any variety of dog, adult Large Munsterlanders occasionally find themselves in need of a new home for a variety of reasons.  LMAA Rescue offers assistance with connecting displaced Large Munsterlanders with new homes throughout the country.

Laureen Quarry is the LMAA Rescue Coordinator, she can be contacted at
email, or 717-926-7083.  We encourage you to reach out to Laureen if you would like assistance with any of the following:

  • Finding a new home for a LM that you can no longer keep for some reason, including locating temporary care if necessary.
  • Aid with identification if you become aware of a stray or a dog in a shelter that you believe might be a LM.  All LMs born in the U.S. and Canada are tattooed in the right ear, and LMAA relies on this as the primary mechanism for determining whether any given dog is a LM.  If present, the tattoo number will allow for exact   identification of the individual dog.
  • You are a hunter/hunting family and are interested in a LM that is currently available or would like to be       contacted when other LMs are available for adoption.
  • You are currently a member of LMAA and would be willing to provide a temporary home for a LM in need.