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Large Munsterlander Association of America

You can obtain a pup of your choice by reserving one from a breeder who has a litter available, expected, or planned.  Pups are typically born in the spring or early summer, however occasionally pups are available at other times of the year.  Although not many adults/started dogs are readily available, rescue opportunities do periodically occur.

Large Munsterlander breeders place pups in only in hunting homes. The information a breeder receives from owners that hunt and/or field test their dogs plays a major role in determining future breeding plans for not only the individual breeder, but for LMAA as a whole.  Although the Large Munsterlander makes an outstanding companion, their strong hunting instincts can lead to frustration for both the dogs and their owners in a non-hunting environment.

Potential owners are encouraged to meet other Large Munsterlander owners and hunt with LMs if at all possible.  Both active and inactive breeders are happy to be contacted and willing to share information.  LMAA breeders encourage and support continued communication with all puppy owners.

All LMAA sires and dams have passed at least a natural ability level field test through NAVHDA, HAE in VHDF, or VJP in JGHV.  42% of all sires and dams have additionally satisfied requirements in more advanced testing offered by NAVHDA, VHDF, or JGHV.  During field evaluations, all breeding dogs were judged to be of normal temperament and not gun shy.  All LMAA sires and dams have been certified to be free of hip dysplasia (HD).  Some sires and dams have received LMAA Progeny Performance Awards for previous litters (PPA) produced if at least four pups from a single litter have passed field evaluations.

LMAA registration means that both parents have met the above breeding eligibility criteria, ensuring the new puppy owner the benefits of this long-established process.  Watch for LMAA registered litters in ads and on this website.